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Welcome to Deep South of Maldives.

Southern group of atolls in the Maldives consists of very long shallow reef structures with multiple island formation on the reefs. Reef flats in Laamu atoll and South Huvadoo atoll are famous for these unique features. South Huvadoo flat span for 35km and  84  unique islands are formed on this single flat.

Inner atoll waters are found to be much deeper than the northern and central atolls. Deeper and more wider inner atolls offer a unique fishing opportunity. Normal pelagic species like wahoo, dorado and sailfish are found inside the atolls for anglers to target them in smaller boats.

The Fishing

The Deep South are home to huge populations of bonefish, three different types of triggerfish, barracuda, snapper, grouper, permit, parrotfish and eight species of trevally, including the giant trevally. The most challenging fish to catch, though, is the fabled milkfish, a turbo-charged algae-eater growing to 40lbs.

The Facilities

Tourism has begun to creep in these atolls so does the facilities for accommodation and fishing are being developed. Anglers going deep south are recommended to use live aboard a mother ship option for better experience the fishing grounds relatively far away from inhabited islands.

There are two airports in operation and anglers can choose either North or South of the atoll to start boarding on to the mother ship for the journey to the fishing grounds.